Bandwidth calculator

This calculator is designed to provide transmission times across various size links using our online backup service. For an approximate idea of the time for the initial (or speed) backup, input the volume of data you want backed up. To calculate the time for subsequent backups, the calculator will use a data size of approximately 2% of your original data size.

Enter Data Size


Shortened explanation of bandwidth

  • Byte = 8 bits
  • Kilobyte = 1024 Bytes
  • Megabyte = 1024 Kilobyte
  • Gigabyte = 1024 Megabytes
  • Terabyte = 1024 Gigabytes
  • Kbps = 1,000 bits per second
  • Mbps = 1,000,000 bits per second
  • Gbps = 1,000,000,000 bits per second
  • Transmission speeds may vary significantly with protocol overhead
  • e.g. TCP/IP reduces available bandwidth by 10% because of protocol overhead alone